How to become a Blogger and make Money in 2018

How to become a Blogger and make Money in 2018

Starting to make money is the urge comes to every person’s mind who wants to be independent and be their own boss. With such urge, blogging would be the best option. It has many advantages attached to it. First of all, your writing skills improve, secondly you do have to be a technical person regarding it and thirdly it can be home-based. However, the question arises here is how to become a blogger and make money in 2018?As this aspect of earning money has been approached by many people till today, therefore some rules should be followed to make money through blogging.How to become a Blogger and make Money in 2018
For the beginners, a right is a guide is required how to make a blog and what factors help one’s blog boost up. Furthermore, writing blogs can help you to get all your opinions clear and able to frame them well with your words. Moreover, expressing your opinions can help you with your student loan and financial status. The rules are described below for ‘how to become a blogger and make money in 2018’.

What is a Blog?

To start earning money from a blog one should know what a blog really is? A blog is like an online diary where you add information regarding any category. Moreover, one can also their opinion regarding an issue and interact with the audience by replying them in the comment section of one’s blog.

Furthermore, this will give a person confidence in the criticism made by the audience. Moreover, it shall help with one’s tolerance level and management of followers.

How to become a Blogger and make Money in 2018

Why Start a Blog?

Blogging can help people with their personal development and time management if they earn from their blog.

• Exploring Talent

One can explore and express their talent they have within them through blogging. Moreover, this shall boost up their confidence if one gets appreciation from the audience.

• Home-Based Job

Through blogging one can earn money while sitting at home. Moreover, one can also make extra money by keeping up with other jobs as well. Therefore, becoming a blogger can help one in many ways if one has the talent to attract people through his writings.

How to become a Blogger and make Money in 2018

• Fan Following

If one is really good at expressing their opinions then audience who would relate can simply start following you, increasing audience on your blog.

• Additional Information

Blogging does not involve what you think about a certain thing. It can include much information about several categories. Furthermore, the information provided on the blog can help many people in the different field. These fields may include, marketing, fashion, food, places, and others.

What is Niche?

A niche is a category on which the blog is going to be based upon. The niche can have a single category or multi-niche which several categories in one blog. Moreover, these categories can include food, adventure, beauty, and others.

• Which one is more preferable?

Both single and multi niches are advantageous in their way but there are some disadvantages attached to this aspect as well. Like in single niche one’s audience is targeted to one category only. Whereas in multi-niche, the sports-loving audience might get irritated by the writings regarding beauty but the advantage is that your content does restrict to one category.

How to become a Blogger and make Money in 2018

How to become a Blogger and make Money in 2018: Domain Name

Getting a domain name helps you to get URL for one’s blog. The domain name should be related to the niche; moreover, one can also use their name as their domain name. GoDaddy is the best place to get one’s domain name. It can cause $10 for a year which is quite an affordable investment.

How to become a Blogger and make Money in 2018

How to become a Blogger and make Money in 2018: Get Hosting Plan

A domain name is a website but one requires a website builder and a hosting plan. Word press is the best option for all the other options for website building. WordPress is CMS which is free to use, all one needs is a hosting company. Furthermore, it is not a rocket science in regard to its usage. It is quite simple to use even for the beginners.

How to become a Blogger and make Money in 2018

How to become a Blogger and make Money in 2018: Advertising Networks

How to become a blogger and make money in 2018? One of those steps include is inserting advertising networks, which pay the blogger for adding their advertisements. Moreover, one can also earn money monthly by joining the advertising networks.

Consequently, it shall help the blogger in monetizing his or her blog. All a person has to do is to join any of the advertising networks and insert their ads on the blog.

How to become a Blogger and make Money in 2018

Installing Social Sharing Plug-in

The more and more people shall visit one’s blog site the more traffic shall increase. Moreover, this shall help the blogger to earn more money. What if the audience can share your work on other social media platforms? Well, if this happens then eventually, list of visitors shall increase resulting in making more money.
This all can happen by installing social sharing plug-ins, which shall help the audience to share one’s blog to other social media networks. Consequently, if one’s work is good enough, then the bloggers’ fan following shall increase with the increase of traffic on the site.

How to become a Blogger and make Money in 2018


In this era, everyone wants to do something good with their lives and this can be done by earning money on their own. The sense of independence shall only prevail when one starts earning on his own efforts. But this is not easy as one can think of. This requires a lot of hard work and time management.

How to become a Blogger and make Money in 2018

One of the ways to earn money is to start a blog. Moreover, earning money shall establish the sense of independence. It is utmost recommended to the people who are good at portraying their opinions or information they have.
Now the question here is how to become a blogger and make money in 2018? Well, there are few steps through which one can become a blogger and make money.  For more related articles please visit Quick ways 2 make money.

Make Money From Home As An Online Chat Agent

Make Money From Home As An Online Chat Agent

Home-Based Online Chat Jobs

For online chat jobs, take a look at the companies listed below.

Do you have exceptional communication skills and cherish helping people through online chat? Do you like customer service over sales?

If your answers to the above questions are YES, then you have the opportunity to work from home as a Chat Support Agent. Such type of home-based jobs offers you to assist via chat or email.

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12 Companies That Offer Online Chat Jobs

1- Apple At Home

Apple has a call center service, They hire people such as college students who want to work from home on a part-time or full-time basis. Chat person must have the residence within 100 miles of particular locations. For further details please visit Apple site.

2- Needle

This company particularly hires online chat Customer Support Agents to help customers with online shopping. You can set your own flexible schedule. Payment is per chat.

3- The Chat Chop

As an expert Chat Agent, you may sell services, increasing leads, accomplishing customer satisfaction via live chat. They pay $10 per hour.

4- SitesStaff

If you want to work with this company as a home-based Virtual Chat Agent you must have the typing speed of 60 wpm and have a computer or laptop. Just like Chit Chop, they also offer $10 per hour.

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5- Arise

This company hires work at home chat person as independent contractors. You can set any schedule that suits you. They pay around $9-$19 per hour.

6- Live Person

As a customer chat agent, you have to chat and answer questions that you have expertise in and get paid.

7- Best Buy

Sometimes they hire Chat Support Agents to provide technical support in the areas of US, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and California.

8- Talk 2 Rep

This company hires Chat Support Agents to hold consultant sales and recommend product features to customers.  Their payment ranges $9 to $14 per hour.

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9- Weebly

Sometimes they hire chat or email support agent better known as a  “Customer Success Advocate”.

10- My Live Pro

This US-based company and offers Chat Support Agents part-time on an occasional basis.

11- Televated

This home company provides jobs in different positions such as inbound, outbound customer service, live online chat or email response. They around $8 per hour along with incentives.

12- Metaverse Mod Squad

They sometimes hire chat support agents to work from home. For future openings check their careers page.

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